Singapore IRAS PIC Claim for SME

PIC claim is still very much alive, though the bonus has ended. The subsidized claim has been reduced from 60% to 40%, effective from 1 Aug 2016. To keep things short and sweet, here's the summarized gist. Qualifying website…
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Finding Expired Domains

If you're into SEO and building your Private Blog Network, expired domains should be relevant in your reading list. Like aged wine, better quality expired domains are cherished and utilized by those who know their worth. What may seem…
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Choosing Your Domain, Brandable or SEO Driven?

Choosing the right domain name is always the starting point when venturing online. Business owners naturally will choose a domain name that represents their brand. Usually their registered company name, while internet marketers will base…
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Google Mobile Search Gets Faster with AMP

Google has rolled out the AMP webpages in its mobile search for quite awhile now since its public announcement in 2015. All this is part of the Make the Web Faster motion. Everyone loves a good search experience and speed browsing is…
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Google Penalize Bloggers

Continue reading if you receive a unnatural outbound link message in your webmaster search console. Google got its hands busy with bloggers, penalizing their sites with unnatural outbound links. To summarize; if you're a blogger…
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Too much Hype on SEO

The recent few years had many business owners and new internet marketers glued to search engine optimization. Search engine optimization spun out many software, ebooks, products, training, seminars and services; creating continuous…
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Show Disqus comment count

So you have an interactive website, ignited by comments or conversations. You want to show the vanity numbers on those webpages with fiery responses. You write great content and invested in quality traffic. Your hard work must be seen in…
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