Singapore IRAS PIC Bonus for SME

IRAS PIC Claim Updates
Singapore's PIC grant is still very much alive, though the PIC Bonus has ended. The subsidized claim has been reduced from 60% to 40%, effective from 1 Aug 2016. The Singapore government is qualifying claims with funding up to…
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Google Penalize Bloggers

unnatural backlink activity warning
Continue reading if you receive a unnatural outbound link message in your webmaster search console. Google got its hands busy with bloggers, penalizing their sites with unnatural outbound links. To summarize; if you're a blogger…
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Lets get thinking.

The Web is dynamic.

Digital Presence, Internet Marketing & Web Design


should align too.

Lets Do it Right

Singapore PIC Claim Eligible.

Too much Hype on SEO

Just some of the many SEO products and services
The recent few years had many business owners and new internet marketers glued to search engine optimization. Search engine optimization spun out many software, ebooks, products, training, seminars and services; creating continuous…
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Show Disqus comment count

You Got Comments again!
So you have an interactive website, ignited by comments or conversations. You want to show the vanity numbers on those webpages with fiery responses. You write great content and invested in quality traffic. Your hard work must be seen in…
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Disable WordPress XML-RPC Support

Abused Trackbacks are nothing Spam, there're better ways for backlink
The XML-RPC is an API which allows 3rd party desktop or mobile applications to communicate with your Wordpress site to manage your users, posts, taxonomies, media, comments, options. If you are using any form of web apps to do remote…
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Google Adwords Only Support Internet Explorer 11

All Internet Explorer, except IE11 not supported by Adwords
Seems like Google had enough with IE browser. Starting from 7 March 2016, the only Microsoft Internet Explorer browser version Adwords will be supporting is IE 11. If you're using Adwords for PPC marketing or keyword research; use only…
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New HTTP error code 451

Everybody gets HTTP 451
The IETF, short for Internet Engineering Task Force has cleared the way for a new HTTP status code to reflect online censorship. The 451 status code means unavailable for legal reasons. This status code indicates that the server is…
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