Google Mobile Search Gets Faster with AMP

Google has rolled out the AMP webpages in its mobile search for quite awhile now since its public announcement in 2015. All this is part of the Make the Web … 156

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Fast Traffic for Accelerated Mobile Pages

In 2015 October, Google initiated another open source project Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP in short, to steer forward their call for Make the Web Faster movement. To summarize, this … 484

Will Too Many WordPress Plugins Slow Down Website?

Relatively Yes and No. A long-standing common question within the Wordpress community. The more plugins installed, the slower your website’s speed performance. Installing plugins can be fun and addictive but … 454

Leverage Browser Caching

Make the web faster. Leverage browser caching to make your webpages faster. What is browser caching? When an internet browser loads a webpage, it downloads the resource files to display … 395

Web Hosting Location & Local SEO

Does web hosting geographic location affect local SEO? Google takes into account the hosting ip address as a SEO ranking factor in local search. When you search for something in … 296

Cache for Speed with WordPress

Why cache your website and webpages? The cost-saving solution for optimized web performance. The end result for your users is a better user experience through faster web content delivery. Make … 242

Compress HTML

Remove unwanted white space, html comments and other unneeded characters. Use with cache to reduce server load. This was written some time back and we don’t recommend using this anymore. … 30