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Guide – Engaging Web Content Writing Services

With so many people like Tom, Dick and Harry selling their web content writing services, who can we trust and how to qualify the good content writers for our website and blog?

First word of caution, you’ll want to avoid those unknown emails trying to sell you one of their cheap and affordable web content writing services. Often, they’re more of a frustration than some help.

Let’s first look at the role description of a recent job advert placed by an established web publisher.

An ideal web content writer is an internet savvy user, with a writing flair that magically captures audience’s attention and makes them react. When it comes to article marketing, these gifted group of professional content writers can sell ice to the Eskimos with their persuasive copywriting.

Quality web content writing is an integral part of successful internet marketing.

The right candidates will help market brand, products or services more convincingly than what the outsiders are capable of. Having a good aptitude for the language is only part of what makes a skilled content writer.

A Closer look: Top 5 Qualities of a Professional Web Content Writer

  • Compose like a native writer

    A good grasp of the language with proper sentence rephrase, grammar and vocabulary use. A basic but important requirement as most clients won’t have the time to do intensive proofreading.

  • Some industry knowledge

    Depending on the niche and core target audience demographics, that special one must have the necessary knowledge and experience to know what she or he is writing about.

    If I’ve a food blog that’s about local delights, is quite unlikely for us to engage any content writing services which knows very little of what’s happening in the Singapore Makan scene. Makan means Eat in Malay. A common Singapore lingo.

    Sure, the special ones can do their information research but I certainly do not want to feed my readers with the same old boring content that’s already archived somewhere in the web.

  • The Third Eye Perspective Creative Approach.

    While most ordinary bunch see things with a straight-and-level view, the experienced content writers tackle from top down, bottom up or left-right.

    The special one uses the most appropriate writing type for the content requirements, blended in with his or her unique writing style. A writer’s personality, conveyed with a distinct voice.

    There are 4 different types of writing: Narrative, Expository, Descriptive or Persuasive.

    If it’s for a current affairs news site or a press release, more focus on expository writing approach.

    For advertisement writing, preference given to persuasive and descriptive.

  • Focus on Content Readability.

    Readability level is important. There’s nothing engaging when your readers have difficulty comprehending your content.

    If your website’s readership comprises mostly of teens, you wouldn’t want to publish a “white paper research” sort of content approach.

    The Flesch readability test is a popular measure of how readable your content is. Lower Flesch Reading Ease Score indicates content which is harder to understand.

    On the average, Reader’s Digest has a readability score of about 65, Time magazine scores about 52.

    When creating textual content for the web, an engaging read is more than just proper use of the language.

    Use more nouns, less adverbs. Short sentences, short paragraphs.

  • Speak the Search Engine (SE) language.

    We definitely will want our web content to be loved and ranked by search engines. SEO content writing for Google or Baidu is a must for web publishers. SEO is a value-add.

    Listen. Can you hear the beautiful Kaching music?

    That’s the flow of organic search traffic.

Trust and responsibility starts from a fair and healthy working relationship.

In some complex situations, is best not to be over-selective. Let’s say you’re looking to pay peanuts for ghost writers to write original great content. That’s not going to happen. Worse, you may end up getting played.

There’re reported cases where the content is first indexed in search engines before the handover. This mostly happens when there’re no accountability.

If office admins can double up as social media gurus, a writer can also be Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

What’s the SEO content writing services pricing like? How much to pay?

It depends on the content scope, niche industry and how much research is needed. If it’s a technical content and requires extensive in-depth research, the rate will definitely be much higher.

Professional content writers charge by word count. It’s not uncommon to pay $200 upwards for a well-written and original 600 words content blog post.

Good to note – There’s nothing official on minimum word count for SEO. Quality content rules.

Though the advantage of engaging professional SEO content writers is obvious, they should only be invested in your money sites. Everything adds up quickly.

For those vendors selling cheap web content writing services with near-instant turnaround time, prices range anywhere from $10 to $30 for a 1000 words article. Beware as they may be using either PLR articles or software spun versions.

Web content as above aren’t entirely useless as they’re often used in tiered network for backlink purposes. An important ranking factor in SEO.

There’re quality difference among the auto content rewriting tools. The better article spinning or text rewriting software will produce better quality content.

Ideally, you will want these auto-generated “mashed then spun” content to be as “human-readable and unique” as possible.

If you’re churning out senseless and gibberish content in your web properties, there’s a high possibility search engines like Google will flag them as spam. Your backlinks will not be indexed.

You can forget about SEO.

Planning to write your own web content? How to improve?

Through countless proofreading and social sharing your content.

Medium is a nice starting point to hone your writing skills.

There will be critics.

This is the learning phase where you will mature. Take their reviews positively. Challenge objectively if needed, but not without substantial reasoning.

What if nobody comments at all?

That sucks.

But first, track your Medium Stats Page to see how many have actually seen your story. Your content may not be getting the exposure you expect initially. Do social sharing and syndication to get more views to your story.

If the stats indicate users have actually viewed and read your story but not recommending, don’t fret.

You are not alone if you’re new. Is common at the start but try not to be demoralised. Popular traffic-magnet sites work in tribes, just as in real life.

Time to start building relationship with the right network of professionals.

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  1. Alfred Lee says:

    I just started using article rewriter and actually waste more time proofreading and correcting it than i would with writing fresh content. Is this normal coz im about to refund this gabage. so much for content rewriting. tsk

  2. Suniya says:

    Any software writing tools to recommend Juan?

    1. Melvin Yap says:

      chimp rewriter is an affordable desktop application that takes your seed article and spin into nth number of variants. The only downside is the bugginess and UX. otherwise for the price, is quite a worthwhile investment

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