No Google+ Author Pic in Search Results, No Cry?

Breaking news for webmasters. G+ author’s name, profile image and circle counts will no longer be displayed on Google search results. The 3 years Google Authorship experiment has ended. Though … 351

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Good Web Design is More than Just Skin Deep

What defines a good website design? Let’s exclude the budget and security factor for now. Frontend + Backend Management + Client’s Needs + Your Expertise = Good Website A good … 424

Subdomain or Subdirectory

Subdomain examples: mobile.domain.tld, country.domain.tld, profile.domain.tld, topic.domain.tld, membersarea.domain.tld Subdirectory (Subfolder) examples: domain.tld/mobile, domain.tld/topic, domain.tld/profile, domain.tld/country, domain.tld/membersarea Why choose subdirectories over subdomains? The hearsay. A specific plus of using subfolder over subdomain … 203

Structuring Your Website

A well planned site architecture is important and should be one of your top priority when developing a website. Implementing on a fresh or revamped site will establish strong internal-linking … 191

Your Site Can Communicate with Google

HTML5 and structured data markup help search engines better understand your web content Structured data using vocabulary in either Microdata, RDFa, or JSON-LD format are intended to provide accurate … 234