Fix WordPress Error 503 Service Unavailable

Often, the common culprits for Wordpress 503 error are slow executing PHP scripts from plugins, themes or custom code snippets in your functions file. Temporary Fix for 503 Error Deactivate … 208

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Why bother Changing wp-content folder name

The wp-content folder is a core directory, containing important files in the Wordpress structure. As the name hints, wp-content holds the content files which users can have control. Everytime a … 252

Fix 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress

When your Wordpress site gets slapped with a 403 error, it’s usually one of the following reasons. The 403 HTTP status code means forbidden access to the page or resource … 279

How to Remove Yourself from Twitter Lists

So you got a notification alerting someone added you to a Twitter list. You’ve no idea who that person is, why you were placed inside some silly list or are … 321

Delete Wikipedia Account Fast

For anyone wanting to indirectly delete Wikipedia account fast, without trawling through its deep links and long-winded instructions. Request New Username HERE.Think of a new username. Approval request is pretty … 158

Show Disqus comment count

So you have an interactive website, ignited by comments or conversations. You want to show the vanity numbers on those webpages with fiery responses. You write great content and invested … 255