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Is Quality Content a Number Game?

There were speculations for a page to rank well in Google, one of the SEO factor is to have a minimum of XXX word count.

It started out buzzing at 250 words and as with each algorithm change or refresh, this number increased to 500 and now 1600 words or whatever.

Some even associate thin content with any webpage that doesn’t meet the minimum word count requirement.

Not sure where’s the logic from.

Propaganda here in this forum and that community. Plenty from rumor monger and myth magicians.

Web publishers follow suit, enforce high minimum word count as one of the basic requirements for guest blogging.

Till today.

Unsuspecting business owners abide by this blind rule and puffed up their content, just to meet the minimum word count.

Quality becomes roti prata.

Recommended is a better word choice than strictly minimum. Our focus should be on creating content which users find useful, hence the description quality content.

Nothing official until a tweet of wisdom from Gary Illyes.

Ranking in Google is more about content quality than word count

  • Create content for readers first. Tweak later.
  • Use content mix to better elaborate what your write-up is about. Illustrations and rich media can help your users understand better.
  • Manual review is alive. Greetings from the Google’s web spam team
  • Quality content is not a big number game.

Why does the whole SEO industry keeps harping on creating good content?

Anyone into organic search traffic knows the sheer importance of quality content.

Let’s roll back the years in summary.

Then, spinning out heaps of content in sniper domains with free organic traffic from Google wasn’t that tough.

Creating thin content was automated.

With the right strategy and software, revenues came in quite easily from ads publishing, CTA offers, affiliate marketing and leads generation for local business.

Enter Google Panda first. Other algorithm lining behind and now inline, holding hands to combat web spam.

It’s mentally and physically challenging to play snake and ladder with the G team. Move on.

Everything’s history but for a better web experience for real users.

Did You Know..

12% of consumers bought anything through social media.

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