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PEPSI To Leverage ALIBABA’s Big Data in China

A new partnership between PepsiCo and Alibaba forged for better consumer experiences. With this strategic agreement, PepsiCo will tap into Alibaba's digital resources and big data to enhance its internet marketing campaigns, promotions and sales.

From Mike Spanos, PepsiCo GCR president & CEO.

Through this collaboration, we will fully take advantage of Alibaba’s platform and data to carry out more innovative experiments, perfect PepsiCo’s products and services, and enhance online consumer experiences.

Our joint effort with Alibaba will help us lead the ever-changing consumer trend and better serve Chinese consumers.

Previous e-Commerce Partnership

Since the opening of its flagship store on Alibaba’s Tmall in 2012, PepsiCo has launched a series of successful internet marketing initiatives.

  • PepsiCo's 2016 Super Brand Day
  • Quaker's co-branded campaign with Tmall during Alibaba’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival
  • Kumamon-branded Lay’s gift campaign during CNY

Alibaba jumped from global rank position 60 to 23 (2016 - 2017) in terms of brand value by BrandFinance Global 500.

The collaboration enables the beverage conglomerate to further enhance consumer experiences by leveraging Alibaba’s data to introduce innovative marketing initiatives, customised products and integrated omnichannel solutions. PepsiCo joins hands with Alibaba to enhance consumer experiences
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