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McDonald’s Tease with New Ad Campaign

When you're a big brand like McDonald's, act like a super brand.

Anything goes.

In McDonald' latest ad campaign, there's absolutely no mention of McDonald's.

Only a Hollywood Star actress, urging everyone to google search a preset question.

That place where Coke tastes so good

Call it a tease KISS.

When you've an ad campaign with a Hollywood star dressed in yellow against a red backdrop, another super brand endorsement and different PR agencies behind the scenes.. pushing it forward, anything goes.

As reported by The New York Times.

The ads are part of the chain's first unbranded marketing campaign, in which it is coyly asking people to search Google for "that place where Coke tastes so good." The query, meant to capitalize on millions of search engine results that favor the fast-food chain, is central to the ads where association with the brand is limited to placing Ms. Kaling in a bright yellow dress against a red backdrop.

The ads, which started running last week, are meant to play on how teens and twentysomethings use their phones while watching TV, while also acknowledging "how they're discovering information" they trust, said Deborah Wahl, chief marketing officer of McDonald's for the United States. "They are very influenced by word of mouth and what their peers say," she said.

As McDonald's ad agency We Are Unlimited continues the protracted search for a chief creative officer, the agency has just debuted a new round of ... McDonald's unleashes a social media marketing stunt with Mindy Kaling
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