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Content Strategy Prep – Search Traffic Acquisition

Before any content strategy talk for search traffic acquisition, refer back to the good old basics of Who, Why, What, When, Where, How.

Information gathering and problem solving

To keep things gelled with less confusion.

Let's focus on Who, How, Why, What and size up our search users.

  • Buyer personas

    Who are you targeting? Include demographics and buying stage please

    Relates to search users intent. Is your content crafted and relevant enough to hook their interest and give them what they're looking for.


    This category of Intent is for searchers looking for a direct and clear answer to their question.
    How to write an engaging blog

    This type of search propels a prospect forward In making a purchase decision.
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    This search Intent Is a mix of the above, which gives searchers the Information and answers they are looking for, but also helps guide them toward a transaction.
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  • Keyword optimization & title optimization

    How are search users going to find your content?

    Since we're talking about searchers, we need to play by the search providers rules. Be it Google or Amazon. Optimize your keyword and content for better search visibility.

    Compelling headlines increase click through rate.

  • Content quality

    What good has your content got to offer to readers?

    Once we've search users in for the read, is all about content quality.

  • Content funnel

    The content funnel leads to action. Determines your conversion rate.

    Why will they want to do an action and how easy is this process?

    How long (steps and time related) does it take for interested users to make a purchase or inquire about your service?

    Are you doing any action to capture the least interested?

“There are several resources you can use to create a successful keyword strategy based on search intent,” says Brafton Director of Digital Marketing ... From keywords to content: Walk a mile in searchers' shoes
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