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eBay Enhances EDM With Machine-Learning

When you incorporate machine-learning technology for targeting into your email marketing campaigns, the whole experience becomes more personalised and less likely to annoy your email subscribers.

eBay dumped its batch-and-blast email marketing practice and switched strategy to deliver a better customer-focused experience.

Based on a customer's browsing history, each email newsletter now sent by eBay is more relevant in terms of product recommendations and ads display.

We wanted to create a structurally better experience for our customers — and our big bet was to go after 1:1 personalization using real-time data. We wanted to use machine learning to do the targeting, with real-time feedback loops powering our models. - Alex Weinstein, Director of Marketing Technologies and CRM at eBay.

eBay requires real-time CRM and engagement streams.

That is, we needed to know when a customer opens an email or clicks on it and based on this knowledge, instantaneously adjust our recommendations for other customers.

Previously, eBay's email marketing strategy was largely batch-and-blast ... strategic investments that Investopedia is making in content marketing. eBay Boosts Email With Machine-Learning, Personalization
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