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Quick Wrap – Google’s Fight for Better Search Experience 2017

Read yet another article that talks about SEO. It briefs a little of the history where it was much simpler to rank in search engines. It ended with emphasis on good quality content.

Here's our extension.

Previously, the approach was more direct to rank up in search engines. You just build backlink and generate massive volume of unique content. Web spam was everywhere within Google search results.

Google fought back.

Google vs Web Spam

The focus as with each major algorithm update, has always been on relevant good quality content and better search experience.

For better Google SEO rankings, is good to know what's happening around and the significant actions taken.

  • Google Project Owl

    The manipulative fake news saga gave cause for Google Owl algorithm update.

    To counter fake news, hate speech and similar offensive content in its search results, part of the action plan is to involve daily search users.

    Users can report inappropriate predictions if the auto-complete search shows out of context suggestions.

    Google is also using teams of humans as part of an effort to get its algorithms to show more reliable information, Fortune reported.

    Soon to be implemented - More weight will be given to “more authoritative” information.

    … Surface more high-quality content from the web. This includes improvements in Search ranking

  • Google Hummingbird

    The new search algorithm since 2013, focuses on semantic search - understanding context. Supports conversational search using text and voice search. All other (>200) Google SEO factors like PageRank is part of Hummingbird.

  • RankBrain

    An artificial intelligence (AI) program used to help process Google search queries 24/7. RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to embed vast amounts of written language into mathematical entities, called vectors, that the computer can understand.

  • Google Caffeine

    Focus on content freshness and recency. Affects all, especially time-sensitive searches.

  • Google Fred Update

    Targets Ad heavy and low value content sites. Websites with excessive advertisements and low quality, thin content. Usually thin affiliate sites.

  • Google Panda and Penguin Officially Integrated into Core Algorithm

    Anyone into SEO remembers the Panda and Penguin joint effort to combat web spam. Both major algorithms by Google to combat web spam - mainly spam backlink and thin content.

    Panda was on a mission to wipe content farm while Penguin focus mainly on incoming link quality.

    Forward today.

    Both Panda and Penguin are officially part of Google's Core Algorithm. Panda 4.2 and Penguin 4.0 - last official updates.

    Real-time algorithm Penguin fully rolled out around October 2016.

  • Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google Ireland, Andrey Lipattsev explains .. Panda is now part of the core ranking algorithm.

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