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Should Your Blog Site Accept Guest Posts?

Guest posting has its advantages for both guest authors and blog site owners. Usually, more for the guest authors if you've received such link prospecting or similar requests.

PR outreach people are hunting down pages which can have a positive impact for their clients. The advantages are predominantly for authority building, brand exposure, content marketing, and SEO.

Informative read before making that decision to accept guest post

The following benefits don't really make a difference if you're not a ProBlogger. You enjoy blogging as a hobby and not for monetization.

Advantages if you accept guest post

  • Free blog content for your site
  • Less writing commitment
  • A different voice or opinion approach
  • Increased blog site exposure
  • Network opportunity

Before you publish guest posts on your blog site, always do a content integrity check to safeguard your interests.

Content Integrity Check

  • If the article is a syndicated content, set a canonical link back to the original content. Beneficial for both party.
  • If the content reads funny to you, it may be a software content rewrite, spun copy or just hasty crap.

    Request for revisions until you're satisfied with the content quality.

  • Anything more than 2 hyperlinks can be excessive.

    You need to read the content first to make the judgement call. Justify if the guest post requires these links as relevant reference.

  • Decide if you want to pass link equity by setting appropriate rel attribute. Defaults to follow.
  • Do periodic checks on where that outgoing link directs to. The link profile of the guest post needs to be checked as well.

How about content length guidelines?

Summarised short form content can be a good read. There have been different opinions on this minimum word count enforcement but it ultimately boils down to your blog requirements.

Most importantly, you need to assess and define the building blocks to what constitute as good quality content in your blog site.

Guest posting can be an incredibly valuable marketing tactic. For most, guest posting is all about publishing your content on other websites. However ... 6 Things You Must Do Before You Ever Accept Guest Posts
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