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18 Proven Writing Prompts for Your Next Storytelling – 2017

Ever experience a creative block?

It happens to anyone.

Thaw that creative deep freeze with a proven list of writing prompts for your next story or content strategy. These starting points are based on emotions and have been used in countless popular storytelling, commercials & viral content.

Content which inspires, influence and trigger actions.

Readers love sharing content which oozes positive energy.

Start with any of the list items that gets your attention. When the momentum flows with that good mojo, feel free to cross paths with more of the suggested writing prompts.

18 Writing Prompts for Writers and Content MarketersPopularityStickiness
Life is Short8Yes
Dreams Can Come True7Yes
Lives Matter8Yes
The Faith to Believe7Yes
Never Give Up8Yes
About Redemption8Yes
Builds Suspense6Yes
Evokes Emotions8Yes
Risk Taking8Yes
Rescue Story7Yes
Confirms Greatest Fear6Yes
Unconditional Sacrifices7Yes
Unexpected Twists7Yes
Uncovers a Mystery6Yes
Proven Wrong8Yes
Against All Odds8Yes
Tears of Happiness/ Sadness7Yes
Still Holds True Today7Yes

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