How to style hr tag with images and icons

The hr tag is used as a divider between content blocks or sections. Usually styled as a simple horizontal line and with some CSS help, can be a little more … 282

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Get Creative with Web Typography

Good web designers know the close connection between typography and beautiful visuals. Web safe fonts work fine but for better theme clarity, using commercial webfonts or Google fonts in our … 495

Remove Blue Border Outline in Chrome

How remove Google Chrome blue focus border around searchbox, input, textarea? *:focus { outline: 0; } The blue highlight is set automatically within Chrome browser and will appear when any … 5

Remove Google Adsense yellow background

How to get rid of the annoying light yellow box background on your adsense blocks? We want to customize these advertisements to be theme well or blend into our web … 32

Get HTML5 in Your Development

Many cynics are concerned that HTML5 is still in “working draft” stage and the “proposed recommendation” will only be ready until 2022. So should we really be that concern? Well, … 89

Compress HTML

Remove unwanted white space, html comments and other unneeded characters. Use with cache to reduce server load. This was written some time back and we don’t recommend using this anymore. … 30

CSS Color Values

How many different color vales can we use in CSS? Quite a handful. Define color values in color name, hexadecimal, rgb, hsl and alpha transparency channel like rgba, hsla It’s … 84