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Evoking Emotions – Fear Based Marketing Tactic

Emotions influence buying behavior. Marketing activities using fear to capture attention for the pitch can be very effective with high conversions.

Shady when the information is deliberate to mislead.

Baaa Baaa Black Sheep … Yes Sir Yes Sir

When I hear of such marketing tactics around me, it ruffles my cock feathers. More so if the target is on older and less tech savvy small business owners.

If it’s just some items off the shelf product that doesn’t cost much, take it as a lesson learnt.

Worse, legally binding contracts that literally squeeze balls every month.

Just like many of us, some of these small business owners are trying hard to make a living.

The Prospects

  • They rent a commercial space, work long hours and depend mostly on walk-in customers.
  • They face stiff competition from bigger corporations and fully aware they can’t just depend on nearby foot traffic.
  • They are worried and uncertain about their (business) future.
  • They fear their business will fold if they don’t keep up.
  • They hear about internet marketing trends from local media stations and word of mouth. How Google SEO, Facebook marketing, and mix sorts can work for them.
  • They want to know more about how technology can help their business. Constantly thinking of ways to bring in the traffic.

All it needs is sales people with some PR skills to go in for the kill.

I’ve some business associates who will ask for advice when they are hit on. Sales hunters making contact through emails, door knocks or cold calling.

Here’s a story, loosely based on a true encounter experience.

Fear-based marketing and sales tactic

Mr. Ong receives an unknown call from a telemarketer in his office. Quickly followed up with an email containing a free report on his business web presence.

The caller wants to fix up a short free consultation on how they can help improve his business operation and sales through technology.

They met. Handed him a visually stunning analytic report.

The scoring grades were borderline and some bold in red.

The glib tongues orchestrated their sales pitch. Shoving in snippets of industry articles in highlighted sentences with words like penalize, wrong, must fix and mostly negative.

That worked up Mr. Ong quite a bit and his anxiety felt, over the phone.

I’m no psycho expert psychologist but what Mr Ong experienced is fear-based marketing and sales tactic.

The beautiful report was a gimmick to sell.

Totally acceptable if is of true findings but in Mr. Ong’s case, the report was exaggerated. The software and the so-called solutions were nothing more than a scam to make a quick tidy profit.

There are many other FUD marketing instances which effectivey leverage on the fear emotion.

Some Examples for Using Fear Emotion

  • To capture and hold your prospect’s attention
  • To acquire leads
  • To sell products or services
  • As a competitive weapon to protect sales

Fear-based marketing and selling methods thrive on panic groups. Entity who want positive changes.

Use it ethically and avoid disinformation.

The backlash can hurt any brand reputation when the tables are turned. Your brand reputation carries weight. Can’t say the same for those fly-by-night operators and of similar business model though.

Fear is no doubt powerful but there’s more to emotion-based marketing tactics. Here’s a good read on how emotions influence decision-making, which affects buying behaviour.

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