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Facebook – Show Hidden Password (in dots or behind asterisks)

If you use autofill to save your passwords in your browser and want to show hidden password (in dots or behind asterisks), here’s an easy fix using the run command feature in Google Chrome or Firefox.

Those moments are frustrating when you expect the masked password to gain you access to your facebook account but suddenly redirects you to another page and says wrong password?

You look at the dots again. This time the hidden password length seems much shorter or longer and you can log in successfully.

How to reveal this working and hidden password?

The easy way would be of course to reset and create a new one. But there are certain special situations 😉 where you rather just reveal the hidden password in dots or behind asterisks.

Important – To prevent pastejacking attacks, never copy paste codes from dubious sources.

Facebook – See Hidden Passwords in Google Chrome

See Password instead of dots

  • First, press hold Ctrl Shift j to bring up the developer console panel.
  • Copy paste Javascript: alert(document.getElementById('pass').value); and hit enter.
  • Your masked password is now shown in the alert box.

Facebook – Reveal Hidden Passwords in Firefox

Facebook Show Hidden Password – Similar steps as above in chrome

  • Similarly, press hold Ctrl Shift i to open developer console.
  • As part of the security feature, Firefox requires you to type allow pasting before you can copy paste Javascript: alert(document.getElementById('pass').value);.
  • Your password will be shown in the alert box.

The above method will work not only for Facebook but for every social media account (Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, etc) or email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc). You will just need to replace the element ID appropriately to show the password in dots or asterisks.

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