Doing the 410 Thang for SEO

The 410 http status code means Gone for good. If you’re certain your webpages ain’t going to make it live again in your domain, serving a 410 header response will … 308

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Singapore PIC Claim Eligible Sold for $1.5 million topped the list for the 2nd most expensive domain sold in 2017 at a reported $1.5 million. The most expensive domain sold till date for 2017 was a 2-digit … 76

Finding Expired Domains

If you’re into SEO and building your Private Blog Network, expired domains should be relevant in your reading list. Like aged wine, better quality expired domains are cherished and utilized … 575

Choosing Your Domain, Brandable or SEO Driven?

Choosing the right domain name is always the starting point when venturing online. Business owners naturally will choose a domain name that represents their brand. Usually their registered company name, … 439

New HTTP error code 451

The IETF, short for Internet Engineering Task Force has cleared the way for a new HTTP status code to reflect online censorship. The 451 status code means unavailable for legal … 60

What Are Premium Domains?

Premium Domains contain popular keywords or phrases These brandable domain names can be for resale if the price is right, and definitely cost much more than the regular ones. Dot-com … 353

SSL Poodle Security Vulnerability

The security fix for this vulnerability is to disable SSL 3.0 support on your web server. This may not be the all-win solution but compatibility problems will only arise with … 439