Anatomy Parts of a Content Strategy

For persuasive content marketing, there’re 5 anatomy parts to consider in your content strategy. Anatomy of a Content Marketing Strategy Brain Here, the analysis and insights take place to strategize … 164

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Is Quality Content a Number Game?

There were speculations for a page to rank well in Google, one of the SEO factor is to have a minimum of XXX word count. It started out buzzing at … 333

KPI Examples for Content Marketing

Everyone in the corporate world knows KPI, better known as Key Performance Index. When you’re spending money to advance your business in the real world, you’ll need to know what … 59

5 Copywriting Steps That Actually Converts

The ultimate goal of every marketing campaign is to trigger actions and emotions in 99% of your readers, ideally. Your Headline Speaks A clear and engaging headline will persuade your … 105

Key social media trends for businesses in 2017

Keeping tabs on what’s happening today is one of the key factors that grows your business through marketing strategy and action plan. Including social elements in your articles and posts … 68