Bitcoin Doubler & HYIP Reviews

There are plenty of Google Ads displaying these high-yield investment program. Other than differing headlines and copy text (eg. Double your bitcoins investment), these HYIP have something in common and … 330

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China’s Exertive Influence Over Bitcoin

Bitcoin started 2017 strong with investors rejoicing when BTC price hurdled past the $1000 mark (4 Jan 2017) for the first time since 2013. In less than 2 weeks, bitcoin … 137

Bitcoin Resurgence

Boy, i’m glad i kept my bitcoins in the cold vault. I must admit i’ve stopped monitoring its growth. In fact, i just let it be. Bitcoin price is pushing … 106

Bitcoin’s Lead Dev Call It Quits

Bitcoin price slide about 10% down to USD$390 after its lead developer of 5 years decided to throw the towel That’s how volatile cryptocurrency is and why now, not a … 91

Countering BearWhale

The BtC community was freaked out by the plummeting prices to levels not seen since 2013 November. Apparently the whole commotion was stirred by an anonymous trader/s nicknamed BearWhale, selling … 131

Will You Sell Your Goldmine for Bitcoin?

Enter Timothy Coles, with 30 years and counting experience in the gold mining industry. The goldmine asset he’s about to sell or rather currently on sale for just over 3,200 … 261

Followups on US Government seized 29,656 Bitcoin

Updated on 2 July 2014 This is the followup. The Silk Road Bitcoin auction which attracted 45 bidders finally ended with its winner’s identity undisclosed. While the actual price of … 313

Ebay Chief Agrees with Bitcoin

With EBay and Paypal potentially backing cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, the volatile digital currency could get some serious support. Ebay chief John Donahoe believes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may play a … 59