What started off as a personal blog of interest has grown into a quiet force of internet marketing resource for many. Never meant to spoon-feed, but to intrigue and take action.

m3lvin.com now breathes its own, thanks to new blood. Like-minded and passionate content strategy professionals.

The story goes

It’s always Presence, Traffic, Conversion when marketing online. If is in your blood, you’ll always be sniffing around on what’s trending and worth taking action. m3lvin.com is the place to sniff.

Outreach your business and brand presence online through SEO, social media and other content marketing channels. So much has changed within the past few years. Web technology moves fast, more so when fueled by open-source projects like WordPress, collaborations and growing APIs.

Playing the guessing game gives the experienced some kinda baseline but with new web technologies & growth hacking techniques, let’s embrace the worth testing techniques. Only if you love the game and money.

Passion is great but honestly we can never keep up with the bytes. Do it the smart way and have a healthy work life balance.

Typography & color expressionist glued to anything on user behavior analysis + good user experience. And let’s sugar some coding around to create that clean user experience for platform diversity. Is a headache but hey, remember the web is dynamic.


  • Internet Marketing Mix
  • Internet Presence & Branding
  • Internet Data Research
  • UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • eComm Marketing
  • Project & Resource management


Still in the learning pipeline

  • Node
  • Angular 2
  • React